šŸ’” Tuesday Tips, 9.1.2020

šŸ’” Tuesday Tips, 9.1.2020

“My love is an anchor tied to you – tied with a silver chain…”Ā āš“

In yesterday’s podcastĀ episode, I talked about having an anchor in life. Sometimes we think of an anchor as something negative… something that ties us down and keeps us from being free. That’s not always true.

It’s important to have somethingĀ outside of yourselfĀ that you can fall back on. Belief in a Higher Power is so comforting for this reason. When we live solely for ourselves with no thought to anyone or anything else, it makes for a pretty drab existence.

Your anchor has to be something you can rely on. Jobs come and go. Companies fold. There’s no such thing as “too big to fail” anymore. Human relationships are the same way. Boyfriends/Girlfriends usually don’t stay forever. Even most marriages don’t last a lifetime anymore. We can debate whether or not this is a good thing, but my point here is: trying to get changelessnessĀ from human beingsĀ is not gonna happen. It’s simply not a realistic goal to think a person or a relationship can remain frozen in time.

So what to do?

Volunteering to help others. Charity work. Involvement in a place of worship. Relationship with God. Being in harmony with nature. Working with the seasons rather than against them. These are things that we can come back to time and again when we feel buffeted by the winds of change.
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