šŸ’” Tuesday Tips, 8.18.2020

šŸ’” Tuesday Tips, 8.18.2020

When considering a new client or business proposal: consider all the costs:

Do you have the time?
Are you able to help this person to a high quality standard?
Will you work yourself to exhaustion if you take on another customer?
Is there a potential personality clash?

It’s not always about counting the possible financial benefits! You have to think about whether it’s something you truly want to do and what the other costs involved might be. I recently had a conversation with someone who discussed a possible consulting opportunity with me. Honestly, I could tell within the first 10 seconds that I did not have a good vibe with the person. There was just something about the person’s odd demeanor and tone of voice I did not like. I was polite and not abrupt, but at the first chance to simply say, “I don’t think I am the right resource of help for you,” I did so and moved on with my day.

There’s nothing wrong with saying “no” to something you have no business saying “yes” to!

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