We Could All Use a Little Magic

We Could All Use a Little Magic

Tomorrow I’ll be publishing a podcast episode about battle fatigue. I think we’re all tired of “the new normal” and the gloom-and-doom news. I’ve talked to quite a few people over the last few weeks who want to workout at the gym without smothering in a face mask and get the kids back in school (and out of the house where they are stir-crazy and acting like hellions LOL).

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations we can offer and yet: how can we feel grateful when it seems like we’re in a real poop storm?

A few days ago, The Magic popped up on Amazon as a book I might like.

“Well, it definitely couldn’t hurt anything,” I thought and I bought the Kindle edition. I’m glad I did because it’s been a strange couple of weeks. High highs, low lows, and a general feeling of wanting the roller coaster to slow down a bit. In the midst of a struggle, we can forget all the things going right in our life. We focus on the big, ugly, hairy boogeyman in the corner and ignore the beautiful things we could focus on instead. The book has exercises and areas of contemplation for each day and it’s a good reminder that we take many blessings in life for granted.

There’s a young man I mentor through Compassion and the latest letter he wrote me brought so many things into focus. He talked about people in Uganda breaking the mandatory Covid lockdown orders because they were starving. They had to make terrible choices between staying at home and starving or breaking the law and finding food. It’s a stark reminder that no matter how down-and-out we may think we are, someone else is fighting a bigger battle.

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