The Habit of Yourself

The Habit of Yourself

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book Becoming Supernatural inspired me in many ways. After I finished it, I knew I wanted more, so I bought a copy of Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. In the book, he discusses how much of our personality becomes an automatic program by the time we’re about 35:


This means that when we want to make a change, we have to buck that internal programming enough to actually do it.

And so this sets up the main thesis of his book: if you want to make changes in your life, you have to break the habit of being yourself. Likewise, if you want to get something you haven’t had before, something you really want to have show up in your life, you have to move from the known to the unknown.

In a business sense, this could look like:

  • Not sticking with a marketing plan that’s not converting new clients
  • Not doing the same thing over and over because once upon a time it worked really well
  • Not being scared to try new tactics
  • Feeling the fear but doing it anyway

It’s depressing to me when I hear a business owner say, “Well, I signed up for X program and it worked really well for about 6 months. That was three years ago, but I’m continuing to do it anyway.”

That is not a form of “running the business on auto-pilot” that you want. It’s simply getting up and doing the same routine and hoping it will somehow gain traction for you again. Meanwhile, the market changes so quickly now that performing tactics from 2018, 2015, or 2012 might as well be applying tactics from 1990.

One of the key ways to break the habit of being yourself is to recognize the automatic patterns running in your brain AND take the initiative to override them. Is it difficult at times? Yes. Hell yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.


If you’re struggling with this, please contact me.

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