💡 Tuesday Tips, 7.28.2020

💡 Tuesday Tips, 7.28.2020

Last night I watched a program about the power of your own thoughts. Not what other people say about you, not about idle gossip, but what YOU think about YOU. It featured the story of Emeka Nnaka who was paralyzed after a devastating football injury.

“I’d just cry out to God, why, like why me? Why now, why is this happening? I had nights where I couldn’t sleep, and I am replaying in my mind all the good deeds I’ve ever done. And then I’m thinking in my mind all the bad deeds I’ve ever done, and trying to weigh ’em out, it’s like okay, did I do too much bad, you know, did I not do enough good? And the answer that I got was instead of asking why, ask how. And then I pondered that for a second, it was like how? You know, yes, how can you use this to make a difference? And that flip in the question changed my entire disposition. Because when I asked why it made me a victim. And then when I started asking how, it gave me power over my entire situation.”

Emeka started working with youth groups and is now a motivational speaker and coach.

“Life now is amazing. I get to do so much work with young people in my community. I am able to show people how to carry the burdens in their own life, based on how I’ve shouldered the burdens of mine. I used my words, and I use my testimony to help people overcome their own lives. And I love every bit of it, because where I might’ve lost my ability to walk, I gained my ability to talk.”

If you’ve been feeling down, wondering why X, Y, and Z happened, when is Corona gonna go the eff away, when will the market rally back: stop the pity party today. Start asking yourself HOW can I overcome. HOW can I work differently. HOW can I keep my business profitable.

If you need help with it, please reach out.

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