An Unestablished Mind

An Unestablished Mind

Yesterday I was listening to Sadhguru talk about the unestablished mind: “In yoga, human mind is referred to as markata or the monkey. We are referring the mind as a monkey because of its wandering nature. The word monkey has also become synonymous with imitation. If you say you are monkeying somebody, it means imitating someone. It’s a full time job of your mind. So an unestablished mind is referred to as a monkey.”

In achieving your personal and/or professional goals, there is no greater tool than your mind. As Sadhguru notes in his lecture, anything that now exists, good or bad, first conjured itself inside someone’s mind. It’s important to decide what you want (tomorrow I’ll be publishing a podcast episode about that very topic) and then refrain from releasing conflicting beliefs about it. Saying, “I want this new job” or “I want a larger house” and then saying, “But I don’t believe they’ll hire me right now” or “But I don’t have the money for a larger house,” it’s the same as saying, “I want this new job, but I don’t” or “I want a larger house, but not really.” Whenever I meet someone who says they’re struggling to achieve their goals or they’ve tried to make their dreams a reality in the past but it hasn’t happened, I typically see several scenarios:

  • Don’t really believe it’s possible / lack of faith
  • Don’t really want it
  • Afraid
  • Trying to do everything on their own / “make sh*t happen”
  • Focusing only on the physical and not on anything mental, emotional, or spiritual
  • Cynical / enjoys poking holes in everything
  • Makes excuses / plays the blame game
  • Likes to be the martyr

So what might these look like?

“I’ve tried to lose weight in the past. I start out strong but about 3 or 4 weeks in, I get tired of dieting and I have a pig-out session at my favorite restaurant. I’ll never get what I want.”

“Sure, I’d like to have that nicer job but… I mean… I dunno, man. Maybe I’m burned out and tired. I guess I’ll just stay where I’m at.”

“Well, a bigger house means higher utility bills, a larger yard to mow, more upkeep and maintenance. I’m not sure I could figure out how to pay for all that. It’s scary to think about being ‘house poor.'”

“I’m gonna lose these last 10 lbs if it kills me. Tomorrow, I’m starting a celery and water diet. I’ll also be exercising 3 hours per day, 7 days a week. If I want it, I’ve gotta make it happen!”

“My business is not growing at all. I feel like all my clients are whiny a-holes who want too much of me all the time. Oh, you want me to do mindset work? Naw, I’m not interested in that. I want to know how to change everyone else in the world while not changing myself at all.”

“Yeah, my sister’s best friend’s uncle’s next-door neighbor said he worked with an executive coach and got nothing out of it. I don’t think coaching actually helps anyone.”

“I’m not making the kind of money I want because my ____ (parents, spouse, best friends, etc.) don’t believe in me. I don’t have a support system in place and it’s crushing my own confidence in myself. If they were more encouraging and helpful, I could be making more money.”

“It’s nice that some people get what they want in life. I’m sure that must feel good. I’m destined to do without and that’s OK. I can deal with being a have-not.”


The key to breaking out of the cycle of wishing for something and not getting it versus setting an intention that you will get what you want and then getting it is alignment. Sadhguru lists your four elements as mind, emotions, energy, and body. Get in agreement with yourself. Don’t talk yourself out of your desires or start making arguments with the universe about why it “can’t happen.” If that’s what you say, indeed, it can’t happen.


If you’re struggling with this and you’re ready to level up, let’s talk about it.

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