Guest: Tami Crea & What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

Guest: Tami Crea & What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

My guest on today’s episode of The Causey Consulting Podcast is Tami Crea, the co-owner of Launches Made Simple, a done-for-you marketing company that bridges the gap between coaches that are promoting their programs and the high ticket salespeople that are closing the sales (even if that closer is the business owner). If you’re overwhelmed by all of the clutter and noise out there about what to do and not to do with FB ads, this is definitely the episode for you!

Key topics we cover:

✔️ Tami’s own business experience and what led her to Facebook.
✔️ Her experimentation process and how she earned her stripes as an expert.
✔️ Are you a coach or consultant with low ticket offerings? You might be better throwing your money in the trash!
✔️ Sadly, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can waste a lot of money on ads that do not convert– and you won’t even know why that’s the case. 🙁
✔️ Who are Tami’s ideal clients and why.

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Hello, hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Causey Consulting podcast. I’m your host Sara Causey and I’m also the owner of Causey Consulting, which you can find online anytime at Very excited about my guest today, Tammy Crea. Tammy co-founded Launches Made Simple in 2019, a done-for-you marketing company to bridge the gap between coaches that are promoting their programs and the high ticket sales people that are closing the sales, even if that closer is the business owner. As a professional sales closer business consultant and entrepreneur for over 35 years. She has a multitude of stories showcasing the problems that businesses encounter and actually getting sales for their programs or services. As someone who has been through starting businesses seeing her industry die, which was print publishing, and it has reinvented herself into someone who through helping businesses grow their marketing to the place where they could actually pay for her services. She truly understands today’s coaching and consulting market. So Tammy, very excited to have you on today. Thank you for making the time to be here. Thank you for having me, Sara. You bet. So tell us about your own entrepreneurial journey. How did you get started? My own entrepreneurial journey actually started a month before I graduated from college. I really had no interest in getting a job and I had a mentor at the time that I was working for that said to me, you’re too smart to go into the workforce, you should do your own thing nice and I took his advice and ran with it never really looked back. I started back like I said with a print publishing company and I ran various iterations Have that along with a graphic design company all the way through the 80s and the 90s. And then in the 2000s, things started to change, especially come 2008, we started to see a real dip in the idea of print publishing as a whole. And it became harder and harder for small businesses to succeed. And I started to go into the business consulting, helping businesses with marketing with getting customers and other ways besides just through print advertising, because if I could get them to the point where they had more customers coming in in other ways, then they would usually buy an ad in one of my magazines. So that lasted for a while, and I actually ended the print publishing company literally just about a year ago, because it was still somewhat successful. But along the way, it certainly was not supporting me any longer. You know, with my family. I have two boys and a husband and he He was running a retail store. So I was helping him get customers. And I found that there were so many different things that could be done. And I ended up in the kind of high ticket sales closing for coaches world because I had always worked with small businesses, I had always gotten customers. And I found I just loved that world. But what I ran into over and over and over again was there was a coach that had a wonderful idea had a fantastic program and helping people move forward in whatever they were coaching with. They had closers on the other end of the line, were people who were interested in working with that coach could come in and work with that coach, but there was this big gap in the middle of the actual leads coming in. So the coach had the program. We could bring the people we talked to into the program, but there weren’t enough people to talk to. So basically, my partner Abigail and I met when we were working for another company. She’s in South Carolina, I’m in Minnesota. And we actually ended up meeting personally for the first time in Austin, Texas. Event nice. And we had worked together before. And we had talked virtually, but we just never been in the same room. And we discovered that we had two ends of the same business, because her specialty is in branding. She worked for some of the big ad agencies with different accounts, doing branding for larger companies. And I had the actual, you know, marketing end of it. And we realized that if we could combine forces, we could bridge that gap for coaches to actually have the clients that they need to make a successful business. Whether as you said in the beginning, whether or not that business owner is the one doing the closing, or whether they’re hiring someone to close for them makes no difference. They need to enroll clients into their programs. Yes, exactly. Without clients who do you have to deliver your service to? Absolutely. So that’s what I’m doing now. And I’m just absolutely loving it because what this is what lunches made simple, really is, is the culmination of everything that I’ve done my entire adult life in business. And it’s so much fun, being able to tap into all of the different areas of knowledge that I’ve acquired in order to help people in whatever way they need help. You have become highly niched in and experted if you will into Facebook and and I’d love to know more about your own Facebook advertising experience. So tell us about that process and what that learning curve was like? Oh, it was a steep learning curve, like everybody else. I think. Facebook was easy because they walk you through the process, you click this button, you you know, look at this interest group and you can make a million dollars. I lost so much money. It’s not even funny doing that. So what I did was I started to seek out People with more expertise than myself. And I ended up in a while I spent a lot of money on different mentors that gave me pieces of the hole, but didn’t get me where I needed to go. And I finally got a mentor that I’m still with today. That is just an absolute genius when it comes to Facebook and what they are doing as best as anybody can know. And what he really taught me is that the only way to make Facebook work is if you are super data driven. You must know your metrics, you must know your return on investment. You must know what’s happening with your ads and why they’re doing what they’re doing. And there are all kinds of ways of doing this. That’s it’s kind of complicated, but because you can’t just click the buttons that Facebook wants you to quit. But if you put all of this knowledge together, and you watch it, and you tweak it, and you you know, go back over every piece and you have metrics on every piece of work What you’re doing, it can be just an absolute goldmine. I mean Facebook is one of those things where it’s like putting $1 into a slot machine and getting back you know 10 to 20 times that on every hit nice. And so it really is an amazing place to make money if you know what you’re doing and it’s really an incredible money pit if you don’t. That’s well said and I think of it too when you said money pit I automatically in my mind thought of that movie with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long where they had this beautiful house that you know once it’s done properly, it’s a real showplace but while they are sort of nickel and diming it with oddball construction workers and unscrupulous contractors, it is indeed a money pit. And that is the other thing too. People are so hesitant to go into Facebook, that they you know, if they put $2 in and they get nothing they can their ads. Yeah, you actually have to invest You have to invest in your business, you actually have to set aside money to make this process work. Because there’s a huge amount of testing and tweaking, and I’m not talking thousands of dollars, but you’d need to have hundreds of dollars to really get to the point where you’re getting clients and to make it worthwhile. So again, it you have to have a product that you’re selling, that isn’t, you know, a $97 thing. Because it’s very, very difficult to make money on Facebook, when you’re doing that. Now, I’m not talking about Shopify stores or Amazon or anything like that. That’s an entirely different types of Facebook advertising, and I don’t do that. There’s actually different ways to use Facebook. But if you are a coach or consultant, which is my field, if you are trying to sell a $97 product, then you may as well just take your money out in the street and stomp on it. I feel the same way. Yeah, and I see when I see people playing in that extremely low ticket space. Yeah, this is a great segue into my next question. Your program Launches Made Simple helps coaches in particular. And I’d love to know more about why that niche, what drew you to working with coaches in particular? It really was from when I started to do the sales work, the online sales work, and I was working with coaches, and I could see how I could help them in particular. And also because there is so much genius out there that I would love to see in the world. And there are so many coaches, did you know that literally 90% of all online coaches never make more than $10,000 a year in income? Even though that is a staggering figure, you know, when I see that low ticket behavior in the market, I can’t say I’m totally surprised by that. I mean, it does make sense. It does. And I hate to see that. And there’s so many coaches that I’ve spoken with it and said well You know, I started out with the idea that my services were $997, which is way low anyway, yeah. And nobody bought, so I lowered the price to $497. Well, guess what, still nobody bought because it has nothing to do with the price. Yeah, it has to do with how you position yourself and how you market what you’re doing. And one of the things that we do with I would say over 90% of the coaches that come in to us, is help them to actually, you know, get to the point where they present themselves properly with proper value. Mm hmm. Yeah, that’s one of the things that coaches tend to do is they just undervalue their services? Incredibly, yes. Virtual round of applause coming from my side of the table. I’m so glad you’re on the show today, because this is, I mean, it’s, it’s deeply resonating. And I know there’s gonna be people listening coaches and consultants in particular that are like, yep, I get it. So what are some of the biggest mistakes or pieces of misinformation and you know, I always am willing to tattle on myself. I’ve been taken by pieces of misinformation out there and I’ve been that person you know that threw money into the money pit. So for for the listeners out there that are probably nodding their head going “Yep, me too,” what are some of the biggest mistakes or pieces of misinformation that you see regarding Facebook or Facebook ads? Well, what I said to begin with the money pit I mean that you can do just do it and earn a million dollars. Really the pieces of misinformation and mistakes that people make you want to know the truth, or that they are absolute genius at what they do. They are wonderful coaches. What makes them believe that they should also have a marketing degree. Do what you do best and look for someone to help you with the areas that are not your sweet spot. Too many coaches are trying to be coaches This, this has to do with Facebook. But it has to do with the overall, this is what we see is that coaches are struggling just to have enough hours to do their coaching, right? And then they’re trying to be marketers at night, and they’re pulling their hair out and they’re overstressed. And so everything is starting to crash and burn, because there’s only so many hours in the day. Mm hmm. Excuse me. And, you know, this is where we do a done for you system. Because let us be the marketers. Be a coach. Yes, learn it. You know, there’s too many done with you programs out there that say, Okay, we’ll teach you how to do this. Is that what you want to be doing? Do you really want to be marketing? Or do you want to be coaching, right, and a lot of them are in that space. It’s ironic, you know that we’re talking about this because a lot of them are in that space that you just mentioned, that sort of $497 to $997 space of like, we’ll send you some PDFs or some zip files or videos, and then we’ll teach we’ll teach you I’m using air quotes here we’ll teach you how to become an overnight Facebook genius. The other misinformation out there is that people are not keeping up. And this is why I spent thousands of dollars a year on a mentor. Because there are I run into it myself constantly. There are a lot of people out there that are teaching things that used to work two or three years ago, Facebook time two or three years is, you know, prehistoric history. Yes. And so they say, well, this worked great. This made me xx, xx, xx, it doesn’t work anymore. And in particular, one of the biggest fallacies out there is that you can do organic posting, and fill your coaching practice with organic, you know, just organic marketing. Yeah. And the problem is, it doesn’t work anymore. It used to work. Facebook changed an algorithm. And now people don’t even see your posts half the time. Mm hmm. And this is it. exactly why we use Facebook advertising why we use paid ads. Because this goes back to Ben Franklin, when he started, you know, the first newspaper here in the States, this is how advertising works. Because if you pay for it, it gets in front of people. And you can see exactly how it’s working. You put a post out there again, ugly, you have absolutely no idea who it’s going to hit, how it’s going to hit, how many it’s going to hit you. I’m not saying you won’t get some clients from it. But this is going back to the idea of coaches making less than $10,000 a year. Yes, you have no sustainability, you have nothing that you know is consistent. Your feast and famine. This is very, you know, like playing a losing slot machine. Every now and then it’ll hit just enough to keep you going. But you’re losing more than you’re taking in. Yes. What a What a great analogy. That’s perfect. If someone is listening to this, and they’re nodding their head, what you’re saying is making a lot of sense to them. Tell us who is your ideal client. Our ideal client is a coach, or a consultant depending upon what they’re consulting in. And I’ll give an example here that might help. And that’s like, we’ve worked with people that have been freelance, like financial officers for businesses, they consult businesses on how to make and keep more money, that type of thing. It’s not really coaching, it’s more consulting. But our sweet spot, are coaches. And these are people that have developed some form of one to many, so a group program that also offers some one to one along with it so that there’s a tremendous amount of value that can actually get the words out of their mouths that you know, they charge $3,000 or 4000, or 5000. And we can actually help you repeat those words till you’re comfortable with them. And that they are they want to be online. They are either kept out as offline, because we’ve run into that many coaches that have had enough clients. But now they’re trading dollars for hours. And so there’s only so much money they can make unless they literally want to work 80 hours a week, which is not a good thing for a coach, you’re not going to be nearly as effective of a coach if you’re working that many hours. Especially not if then you’re going home and doing marketing in the evening. Oh, but, you know, we want people that want the online lifestyle. We want people that want to be able to travel if that’s their wish, or that they want to take the time with kids or grandkids. People that know who they are and what they want. And that they know that they want to provide their genius in a way that can reach out you know, one to many. Yay, well, Tammy if someone fits that profile, They want to know how to get ahold of you and utilize your services. How do they go about doing that? I like to schedule conversations with people. They’re not sales calls. Because this is something where we have a six month program. And we’re going to be working very closely together because with a done for you program, that’s what happens. So in order to even be a part of our program, we have to know that it’s going to be a good fit between us. So I like to schedule conversations. And they can do that at launches made slash apply. So our website is launches, Made Simple, calm, and then slash apply. And that will get you to an application form so that I can learn just a little bit about who you are before we talk. And then we just have, you know, like a kitchen table conversation. Who are you? What do you want? Can we help with that? Is that a good fit? If it is, we’ll talk about moving forward. But if there’s no pressure because I’m not going to work with someone I strong-arm into anything. Likewise, I think that’s a perfect and I love that analogy kitchen table conversation. I mean, essentially that’s what I have done with my podcast and I find that you know, the more relaxed we are just as if we were sitting in a cafe or sitting together at a kitchen table having a cup of coffee or some afternoon tea in everything just flows better. You’re right. No pressure. I love that. Yep. So go to Perfect. Tammy, thank you so much for taking the time to be my guest today. I really appreciate it and I know the listeners will too. I appreciate you having me. You bet. Once again, our guest today has been Tammy Crea. You can find her online at launches made if you’d like to schedule a conversation to talk with her, you can do that at If you enjoyed this episode, please share it. If you haven’t already, please take time to subscribe to this podcast and leave a review for us on iTunes. I’ll see you in the next episode!

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