The Path of Least Resistance

The Path of Least Resistance

Do you ever feel like Atlas shouldering the weight of the world? Or that in order to have the things that you want you have to “make them” happen?

What’s so wrong with taking the path of least resistance? In fact, it’s not just people who seek it out:

Of course, this isn’t unique to humans. Everything takes the path of least resistance: water, electricity, and Google maps. Wolves evolved into domesticated dogs because it was easier to scavenge on human trash than track down prey. – Caroline Beaton

People sometimes associate the path of least resistance with being lazy or not being willing to do what it takes to finish a project. But that isn’t true. Taking the path of least resistance can actually be a tremendous ally in achieving your goals.

Here’s how it works:

Set your goal or intention.

Get clear on what you want, why you want it, and how you expect it will make you feel.

Do NOT get caught up on the “how” or the “when.” This is the step where so many people go off-track. They begin worrying, stressing, and trying to figure out every possible detail. Allow the universe a bit of space to assist you in ways that you can’t predict.

Follow the path of least resistance. Some people mistakenly think if they set a goal, they must work on it 24/7. If you’ve ever over-trained in exercise and injured yourself or cut calories too drastically and fell ill, you’ve experienced what it’s like to push yourself into physical harm.

Think of a river and how it achieves great work, eroding huge landscapes like the Grand Canyon. It does this totally by following the POLR. It flows the easiest way toward the sea. When water hits a rock it flows around it. It is easier for water to move around the rock than it is to go through it, unless the water has enough energy. Then, water will move the rock rather than go around it, because it is easier, with that amount of energy, to move the rock.The Warrior’s Way

Remember those easy button Staples commercials from a few years back? Think of the path of least resistance in that way. You can work very hard, try to figure everything out on your own, do things in difficult ways to avoid being “lazy,” or you can go with the flow as the rest of nature does.


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