Guest: Julie Simbro & Online Reputation Management

Guest: Julie Simbro & Online Reputation Management

My guest on today’s episode of The Causey Consulting Podcast is Julie Simbro, the founder of ACE Mystery Shopping. Their specialty is eliminating negative online reviews and managing your brand’s reputation. If you have any online presence, this is definitely an episode for you!

Key topics we cover:

✔️ What is mystery shopping and how does it work in 2020?
✔️ How do you even keep up with all the different review platforms out there?!?
✔️ OMG, I have an awful review online… now what?
✔️ Your responses are not about the trolls or the Negative Nancy who left a bad review; they are really for the other people reading what you have to say.
✔️ Obviously: don’t get into a cuss fight or a battle royale over a negative comment. If you made an error, take ownership of it and apologize.
✔️ You can turn negative ideas or comments into positive energy for your business!

You can find Julie online at:
And on LinkedIn at:

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