Guest: Christine Teh & Financial Advice For You

Guest: Christine Teh & Financial Advice For You

My guest on today’s episode is Christine Teh, finance coach, money queen, and resident LinkedIn superstar. If you like money– and want to make more of it– or you’re concerned about your current financial situation, this is definitely the episode for you! 

Key topics we cover:

✔️ Limiting beliefs and misconceptions about money.
✔️ Credit cards: friend or foe?
✔️ Do you have to work hard all the time to make money?
✔️ Are you spending too much? How should you go about making a sensible budget?
✔️ What ideas about money did you inherit from family and friends?
✔️ And yes: it’s OK to have a fun budget!

You can find Christine online at:
And on LinkedIn at:

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