Why Hard Work Doesn’t Solve Your Problems

Why Hard Work Doesn’t Solve Your Problems

In today’s episode of The Causey Consulting Podcast, I discuss misconceptions and limiting beliefs around hard work. If you’ve been working to exhaustion or you think that somehow working harder at anything is a magic bullet, this is definitely the episode for you!


Key topics:

✔️ It may not seem fair, but you can “hard work” yourself into staying broke.
✔️ The solution to all business problems is not to simply work harder and “make” things happen.
✔️ Strategic quitting / forming an exit strategy is not the same as mindlessly walking away from a business.
✔️ Life is not meant to be difficult all the time.
✔️ Forget about “I will be happy as soon as…” Be happy now.
✔️ Don’t make it to the end of the line and realize you spent too much time being miserable.

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