“I Gotta Make It Happen!”

“I Gotta Make It Happen!”

Do you ever struggle with finding a balance between working too hard– maybe even to exhaustion– or burning out altogether and giving in to total laziness? We’re often told that if we want something in life, we gotta make it happen. I picture a bulldozer plowing through, crushing anything in its path.

But is it actually true? If we want something to happen in life, do we have to force it into existence?


In fact, if it feels like you are forcing something to occur, it’s a sure sign something is wrong. Think about relationships. Can you force someone to like you or to love you? How good has it felt if you tried?

Signs You’re Trying Too Hard:

  • Working constantly
  • Oscillating between working to exhaustion and not working at all
  • Strong feelings of burnout and malaise
  • Feeling like everything is a struggle, including simple tasks
  • Resenting your business
  • Thinking/daydreaming about going back to a 9-to-5 job
  • Feeling jealousy– wondering why everyone else seems to have it so easy while you’re struggling
  • Feeling like your efforts don’t go anywhere / money you spend gives no ROI


If you’ve been experiencing this and you’d like to get on the path of least resistance instead, contact me today.

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