Daisy McCarty & The Importance of Brand Message Clarity

Daisy McCarty & The Importance of Brand Message Clarity

My guest on today’s episode of The Causey Consulting Podcast is Daisy McCarty, a brand message expert. I labeled this interview as “wall-to-wall value.” If you’re a business owner who’s determined your target market isn’t what you initially thought or you’re trying to figure out what commonalities your best customers actually share, this episode is for you!


Key topics we cover:

✔️ Why is brand messaging so crucial
✔️ What is a buyer persona
✔️ How do you handle it if you can’t suss out exactly what it is that all your best customers have in common
✔️ Personal brand = about you; business brand = about your customers
✔️ Root cause of why you’re attracting all the wrong people or you’re getting push-back on price

And yes, the outro music is really Daisy playing “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” on the banjo!

You can find Daisy online at: https://brandmessageclarity.com
And on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daisymccarty/

If you reach out to Daisy, she will send you a FREE copy of her Buyer Persona Worksheet, which I highly recommend you utilize.

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