Are You Getting To The Real Truth?

Are You Getting To The Real Truth?

Do you find yourself struggling to get the truth out of your prospects or even your existing clients? It’s not an  uncommon problem. Nowadays people receive tons of phone calls, emails, LI messages, etc., and that often makes the prospect feel that he is in the driver’s seat all the time. I believe that’s one of the reasons why ghosting has become so prevalent: there’s more anonymity, sales processes are more transactional, and there are a lot of service providers. If you make one person mad, oh well. There’s always someone else out there!

Fortunately, this flippant attitude is not everywhere. There are still a lot of people who believe their word is their bond. A key part of your job is to get to the truth when you are engaging with others. If you allow the other person to stay on auto-pilot, you will get the same results as everyone else. 

What are these automatic responses? Here are a few examples:

“Yeah, sure. I’d be interested.”

“I need to think about it for a while.”

“I’d be happy to get on a call.” (And then never schedules.)

“I’d love to, but my ____ (spouse/dog/cat/neighbors/aliens who abducted me last night) will say ‘no.'”

“Yes, send the terms right over and we’ll sign.” (And then they vanish.)

Many people blame the salesperson or business owner for this. “You didn’t establish enough trust. You didn’t show enough value. You didn’t make it easy enough to say ‘yes’ to your product.” In some cases, I’m sure that’s true. In other cases, let’s keep it real: the person you were talking to was a flake, a goofball, or a tire-kicker and it would not have mattered if you walked on water and performed miracles. It’s not because you failed– it’s because they weren’t going to give you the truth regardless. There’s a saying in real estate: all buyers are liars. No, not all buyers are liars and likewise: not all salespeople lost a deal because they weren’t a talented enough closer. If you’ve been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you can set it down. There are times in life when you’ll be as grateful for the deals that didn’t go through as you are for the ones that did!


Are you getting to the real truth with your clients and prospects? Or do you feel paralyzed by bogus excuses, half-truths, and blow-off responses? Working with a coach can help you move past your roadblocks and improve your results. Interested? Let’s talk about it.

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