I Thought This Was Going to Be Easier

I Thought This Was Going to Be Easier

Have you been a top producer in the past but your sales have diminished? Did you make the move into self-employment to run your own desk or business as YOU see fit?  If so, I am willing to bet you’ve had moments of, “I thought this was gonna be easier!” You’re bright and intelligent, so I know you never assumed every single day was going to be heaven on earth, but when things are out of kilter in your own business, it feels particularly awful.

We have all experienced those tiresome days of losing a big deal, having a prospect waste your time, or dealing with a social media troll. But what happens when most days in your business feel incredibly difficult?

Emotional Warning Signs:

  • Burnout
  • Intense frustration
  • Apathy / Who cares attitude
  • Exhaustion
  • Triggered by even small, minor issues
  • Procrastination
  • Unable to rebound from setbacks
  • Pessimism 
  • Avoidance (e.g. finding reasons to start late, leave early, or not work at all)
  • Feeling magnetized to trouble or “bad luck”
  • Feeling like a change needs to happen but not being sure what or how 

If you are feeling any of those most of the time (or all of the time), it’s an internal alarm system telling you there’s trouble. Help! Something isn’t right! Instead of suppressing it or ignoring it (only to have it erupt like a volcano later), remember that it is meant to get your attention. It is meant to alert you to a problem. When you step on a nail you feel pain. Your body is letting you know that it needs help and attention. These emotional warning signs are much the same. 

The good news is that your brain saying, “I thought this would be easier” is not wrong. Running your own business does NOT have to be some complicated, exhausting nightmare.


Really… it does not!


If you are stuck in a rut and you’re ready to break out of it, let’s talk about it

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