I’m All Outta Love, My Business is Too Hard

I’m All Outta Love, My Business is Too Hard

Ever felt that way about your recruiting desk or staffing business? I certainly have. Many recruiters who take the plunge into self-employment want to build a better mousetrap. They were tired of vanity metrics, abusive sales managers, weird “team building” activities that never actually boosted morale or helped the bottom line, etc., so they kissed the agency world goodbye and started a desk at home. Often the consideration of working ON your business versus IN your business is not factored into the decision. Frankly, there’s so much you don’t know until you have jumped off the cliff. 

I understand what it’s like to invest money on programs and technology that turn out to be a waste of time. I know what it’s like to see your bank account getting lower and lower and no commission checks in sight. I also know what it’s like to work with rude, pushy, impossible-to-please prospects out of desperation. And have coaches or managers tell you to keep doing it! Fortunately, you won’t find that nonsense from me. I’m guessing that if you get a kick out of playing head games and trying to force your own will on a prospect to see who can overpower the other, you already know you’re in the wrong place. 

To be fair, I am not talking about a client who has given you one bad experience out of 100. Or a prospect who’s a bit rough around the edges and might vaguely be a pain in the ass, but who has a high sense of urgency and is engaging with you the way you’ve asked them to. Not everyone we talk with is someone we’d want to invite into our homes or go on a beach vacation with, but may still be someone we can successfully (and peacefully) do business with. It’s not about throwing out the baby with the bath water– it’s about understanding that excellent prospects and clients ARE out there and they WANT to do business with you. 


  • “The industry is saturated.” 
  • “All of my competitors have driven the prices down too low.”
  • “Everyone I call has had bad experiences elsewhere and they don’t trust me.”
  • “Every other article I read on LinkedIn is about how crappy recruiters are.”
  • “If I passed on every prospect who was a complete jerk that made me feel awful, there’d be nobody left!”
  • “A coach/manager/colleague/random stranger told me that I should continue to sling resumes out to a prospect no matter what. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.”
  • “Artificial Intelligence is just going to kill staffing anyway. We have to take whatever we can get nowadays.” 

All of these objections sound completely reasonable and if you have been spinning them around in your head, I am sure them seem firmly rooted in logic. Here’s the rub: a) none of these statements makes you feel very good and b) if you believe these things and repeat them to yourself, they are an exact mirror of the results you will get.

Are you out of love with your staffing business or recruiting desk? Feel like you’re a magnet for bad prospects and odd situations? Let’s talk about it.

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